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lat 60 20 N long 26 46 E, Ormskär lat 60 18,8 N long 26 42,2 E

Kaunissaari is a traditional fishing village, where is guest marina maintained
by Pyhtää municipality.

In the island can be found many kind of service and sights. We think that it´s
nice island to drop by once, twice a summer, but soon the "urban" noise and
crowd of people starts to yearn for return to the "wild nature".

The island's beautiful harbor has a small fee, which varies annually. The
charge includes waste-point, toilets, drinking water intake point,
possibility to electricity, grill room and a separate dining area.

The island has tar-smelling history museum.



To the south is a lively bird islet, Ormskär. It belongs to the Eastern
Gulf of Finland National Park and landing is prohibited 1.2.-15.8 because of
bird breeding.


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