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  Ulko-Tammio lat 60 21 N long 27 27,4 E
Ulko-Tammio is "secure" island. The boat may be in a dock, as well as there is ready-fire places. The island has "organized program", a nature trail and guided sightseeings.

The island is surrounded fish-rich waters, Ulko-Tammio can be a base to access the surrounding islands and islets. There should be remembered, however, that to the next larger island, Rääntiö, is landing prohibited the hole year. So, first examine the National Parks guide maps.
Ulko-Tammio is part of the Eastern Gulf of Finland National Park. During the summer months National Park´s guide stays here. The island has camping area, high rocks, two IT-cannons, cave, grove-like forests and lookout tower.

Nature trails takes takes you to the island's shores, forests and meadows.
Island has been as Nature conservation area since the 1920's, when ecologist Väinö Krohn made suggestion to protect the island and it´s meadows.
Ulko-Tammio lookout tower has great view far-east, to the Russian side.

The island was a fortress during the second world war. At best, there lived 300 soldiers. History lives in the island still strong. You can see at the island reconditioned cannons, Someri battle monument, cave from wartime and the remains of war time constructions.

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