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 Pitkä Viiri lat 26 38 N long 60 10,2 E

Musta Viiri lat 26 36,5 N long 60 16,7 E


Pitkä and Musta Viiri belongs to the Eastern Gulf of
Finland National Park, which was established in 1982 to
Pyhtää, Kotka, Vehkalahti and Virolahti archipelago.
All of the outern parts of Kymenlaakso archipelago
belongs to the park.

Our favourite island: Pitkä Viiri
Here we spend most of the summer holidays.

Pitkä Viiri is about two kilometers long (north - south),
beautiful sand island, which is authorized to spend days,
but not camp over night.

The most beautiful sandy beaches are at island's
northern and eastern parts. The island's central
section is the island's narrowest point.
 There you can
seat to watch two equally beautiful scenery:
in the East Suursaari profile, in west Loviisa archipelago.


At 80´s, people took under water sand in front of Pitkä Viiri to fill new Hietanen and Mussalo ports. Sea seems to
take back it´s own and the islands northern bank has changed because sand flows back to sea. And it´s changing
all the time. The grass binds helps to keep the sand stand but sea power continuously modifies the shoreline,
sometimes the beach is gently sloping, a moment the storm has taken all fine sand off the shore. Sand flows back -
causing erosion and cutting the island. Recent winters have hurt the islands south-west parts. There are entire lines
of trees fallen down.

Pitkä Viiri is very attractive island, but the difficult for boaters. There is hardly any places to land. The only good
option is to anchor in the cove and go to with little boat to the island. South of the island has the only coastal cliffs.

Musta Viiri

Musta Viiri has at north the old pier base, where boats may anchor, campfire sites with firewood, as well as camping
area and WC. Another sheltered place (to anchor) is east side of the island.
Musta viiri triangular pennant measuring tower is part of UNESCO's World Heritage Struve chain.





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