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The story of Pakkelipokka

The first year of construction. The truth is probably that all boaters have Hägar the Horrible trauma ... Dream of more. Our dreams woke up, spring of 1998. Then appeared Holmö 36, which has been called Pakkelipokka ...

The boat has a story. It was first put to water at Tammisaari 1992 and were driven to Vaasa. It was the only voyage to Pakkelipokka. At Vaasa on the boat was sold. The new owner built it six years ... Until Pakkelipokka 11th June 1998 was packed in a truck-trailer and brought to Kotka, it´s new home town.

First we practically undid everything that the previous owner had built. "Vaasa model" wasn´t for us...

A couple of weeks of work we got a new cabin front up. It was a comical wiew to passers-by. In a week it began to remind the boat, the side walls were followed. All in all, during the period of July we built main cabin, August we put fiber to cabins. July-August 1998, it rained. No rain, no extra shelter - rain put shelter - no rain take of shelter...

September-October 1998 we put the interior carpet to the walls. You should never trust the original calculations, because a certain percentage of the wall carpet will be destroyed! It will wrinkle so easily. We are pleased that we chose the advice of experts water-soluble and odorless glue, in a good steams the final result would have been even more lively!

In October´s last week, carpets were on the walls and first snow came. The winter was coming. We decided to move inside, we began operation "teak destruction." Decorating process went more or less as follows:
      a) consider
      b) spy
      c) read the foreign boat magazines
      d) more spying
      e) if necessary, repeat steps a-d
      f) make what you are doing and go back if necessary, to step d.
This has been a real effective method! We recommend.

Particularly rewarding has been investments to foreign "super cruiser magazines", the bigger and more expensive, the better the details and ideas. All thought we were doing motorboat, larger sailing boats have been excellent "detail sources". At Pakkelipokka is a touch of this and that... Influences from near and far!

It´s possible to work with heater at -15C (5F), but in February 1999 -30C (-22F) was already a little too much! Although the work was stopped three weeks in the winter, because of flu and cold weathers, in the middle of April cabin galley and the beds were ready, varnished and finished! The temperature rose gradually, we could go back to work outside.

In April, we received a new Sole diesel to Kotka. It took us to the engine room. In May, we made there great modifications.

Year 2

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