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Tammio lat 27 25 N long 60 E


Tammio is a traditional Eastern Gulf of Finland fisherman village. The island
and buildings are ín very good shape and the you can sense the past.

Here lived up to 250 people, now there´s less than a handful of year-round
resident population. Most of the houses are summer cottages.
Most of the village's buildings are constructed in the 1800´s. Islands
specialities is the way how new generation started their lives. When the
house got daughter-or son-in-law, half of the old house was dismantled and
moved to the other side of property. Later, both old and new house was
enlarged if needed.

Most of the islands has increased along the shores. Tammio houses are
build in the inner island.
Tammio is a quite large rocky island. Most of the forest is pine wood, but
there is also hardwood.
Tammio has connection ship route from Hamina. 

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